The Nate Miller “Early Race” Prime
The Nate Miller “Early Race” Prime

The Nate Miller “Early Race” Prime

If you have done the Exeter Classic before, you may recall the David Barrows 9th lap prime and the Brian Bogart Halfway prime. Both of these primes are named in memory and honor of UNH Cycling alumni. They have also lent their names to the scholarship that is available to members of the UNH Cycling team.

This year, we are sad to note that we are adding an additional memorial prime to the race – the Nate Miller “Early Race” prime.

What collegiate cycling is all about – finishing your race, not getting cleaned up, and hanging around and cheering the rest of the day.

Nate was killed while riding to work near his new home of Denair, CA in May. His obituary can be viewed here.

Nate graduated from UNH in 2008, and during his time there was the president of the UNH Cycling team – and, if I recall correctly, was “elected” president during one meeting that he wasn’t actually present at (he was informed of his presidency later that night – “Oh, Nate, you missed the meeting – you’re the president now”).

Being president of a collegiate cycling club is similar to wrangling mischievous, drunken feral cats and getting them to a cold parking lot in New Jersey at 6:30 a.m. in March. It is an activity only for those who truly love the sport, love helping their friends, and enjoy driving fifteen passenger vans.

Nate, his then girlfriend and future wife Jak, in a luxurious rental van.

Nate was in ROTC in college, and after school served two tours in Afghanistan where he reached the rank of Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. So, not only was he successful in school, he also managed to coordinate a collegiate cycling team and excel in his ROTC program.

Nate racing New Gloucester CX, 2006.
Brian Keegan (brown shirt) “giving insight” to Ian Desjarlais (looking off into the distance), Dan Seaton (center), and Nate (right) at the start of a UNH Kingman Farm CX race.

If you participated in the 2006 UNH “Campus Cross” race (the one that was insanely muddy and destroyed many rear derailleurs), Nate and I were CERTAIN that the draining on the field was better than it actually was.

In 2007, he coordinated a custom-colorway Cannondale CAAD 9 order for the team. A few dozen frames were purchased – some are still on the road, many others have met their demise from being driven into a parking garage.

So, in honor of Nate and his tendency to be active in the first few laps of a race, we will be introducing an “early race” (can’t tell you when, it’ll ruin the surprise!) prime in the Men’s and Women’s fields this year (and going forward). The winner will get $100 cash and their name on a plaque which will be displayed at the Campus Rec Center at UNH.

Nate (left), Jeff Lukach (center) and UNH Coach Ed Spuler (right) somewhere in Pennsylvania, spring 2006.

Nate, Jak and Giselle – we love you –

Ryan, Drew, Jeff, everyone at Exeter and everyone in the vans.

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