2019 Race Update
2019 Race Update

2019 Race Update

Hello racers and Exeter Classic fans! Here’s what’s new for 2019.

Date change:
You may have noticed that the race is now on Tuesday, July 9th, shifting a few weeks later in order to limit conflicts with other big races throughout the country.

One hour of racing for men and women:
Our Pro/1/2/3 Women’s race has been extended to one hour, allowing for more primes and more excitement. This also means the Men’s race will start at 7:10.

Annie’s Angels 50/50 crowd prime:
The crowd prime in the Men’s race will be split 50/50 between the winner of the prime and Annie’s Angels, an organization in Exeter that provides support for families through disease, illness or disability.

Broadcast/live stream with Exeter TV98:
Partnering with Exeter TV98, the race will be broadcast live on local cable, as well as live streamed on YouTube and Facebook, and linked to from this site.

See you July 9th!

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